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Testimonials #01

Beautiful twins

"At 35, I fell pregnant with our first daughter naturally and very quickly and was surprised therefore when I encountered subsequent fertility problems. I had breastfed my daughter for 18 months and thought this was the reason why my periods had not properly returned . When I began to experience hot flushes I underwent tests and my FSH and LH levels were very high and I was told by a leading gynaecologist that I was on the menopause and had less than a 1 per cent chance of conceiving again and that if I did fall pregnant, I would most likely miscarry. He suggested using donor eggs or starting HRT,neither of which we wanted to do and stated that IVF would not be a viable option. I also had 2 AMH tests to measure the quantity of eggs and the results were suggestive of no eggs. 2 scans of my ovaries also revealed that no eggs could be seen and no follicles were being stimulated, suggesting that I would never ovulate again.

My husband and I were however on a mission to prove the doctors wrong and have a brother or sister for our little girl! It was then that we read about the benefits of Chinese herbs and acupuncture to aid fertility. Drs Du and Yu were extremely compassionate, understanding and professional and did not feel that it was my time for my fertility to end. I started weekly acupuncture sessions and took twice daily chinese herbs and within a short time my periods returned. I must admit that my husband and I were a little sceptical at first so I continued with the herbs and acupuncture for a while to try and restore my cycle for a number of months.During this time I was under the care of both Drs Yu and Du. I also used the clearblue digital fertility monitor to chart my ovulation and most fertile time and fortunately fell pregnant naturally with identical twin girls. Just before I fell pregnant the herb composition had been altered as I was told that I had too much heat in my body. I stopped acupuncture when I fell pregnant but continued with the herbs during the initial period when the embryo was implanting. My husband and I cannot thank Drs Yu and Du and Mrs Li enough for their support and seeming magic(!). We have 2 very chilled and perfect young ladies who complete our family....double the joy and not double the trouble. I cannot recommend Drs Du and Yu enough to anybody who has fertility issues. Mrs Li who works at the sale clinic was also very caring and kind and gave me tips on how to avoid miscarriage-avoid eating anything direct from the fridge and allow food/drink to get to room temperature before consuming and keep my feet warm(I looked quite a sight in socks and sandals but it worked!). The twins I suspect are due to my age rather then the treatment as I fell pregnant at 39 and gave birth 8 days after turning 40. My husband and I are over the moon and truly believe that the herbs and acupuncture and care we received are the reason why our family is now complete."

- J.W., Sale, Cheshire

Testimonials #02

Joanna & her son

"...After six sessions of acupuncture and six weeks of herbs I was pregnant! I couldn't believe it. We now have another beautiful boy called William who was born on 5th March 2007. All is well and we are very grateful to Dr Yu for all his encouragement and amazing herbs! I'm just so glad I continued with his treatments."

- Joanna M, Sale Moor, Cheshire

Testimonials #03

Pregnant naturally!

"We went to see Dr Yu as a couple following diagnosis of fertility problems. M was told that his sperm morphology (shape) and motility (movement) were so poor that it was extremely unlikely that we would be able to conceive naturally. L was experiencing annovulatory cycles (cycles where she didn't ovulate) and had been told that her prolactin levels were very high (this was a possible cause of the non-ovulation). We were accepted for ICSI treatment (assisted conception) and were set to start this in a few months, however we wanted to get our bodies in good shape to give the treatment the best chance of working...

To our amazement, after about 3 months of seeing Dr Yu, we fell pregnant naturally! We were obviously astounded and delighted. M did another sperm test to establish whether it had been a fluke, but found that his results were massively improved (his morphology had gone from 1% to 11% and his motility had increased from 15% to 31% - that's sub-fertile to completely normal).

We can't recommend, or thank Dr Yu, enough. His treatment gave us something we were told was impossible. Good luck to anyone else with fertility problems, we hope you have the same success that we have done."

- M&L, South Manchester

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